I have a tshirt store in Los Angeles. Our best seller is the I Love New York design.

To measure a short distance, I had to choose between a scissor, and a ruler. After much deliberation, I chose the scissor.


Some friends of mine and I got together and decided to start our own organic farm. We knew location was gonna be important, so we decided to put it on Wall Street, NYC.


Every time Willis crosses Chicanery Blvd he twitches and shouts. When he reaches the other side, he goes back to normal.


I woke up in the middle of the night, something disturbed me. My room was pitch black. I heard a mysterious humming sound coming from the kitchen. The sound got louder, and I got more terrified. I was speechless, and my better judgement told me to stay put. Then, a shadowed figure appeared before my bedroom door. It had stopped making the noise, and it stood there motionless. Trembling with fear, I switched on the lamp by my bed, and revealed the figure. It turned out to be my wife eating chocolate.


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